DRO003                  2016-07-01

“Duets” includes eleven tracks from the debut album “The Day Will Come”, as well as one from the initial release “Vivre” in the form of arrangements for violin and piano. The chamber music sound achieved is a synthesis of elements from pop and polyphonic density. The result is a new musical style, which we have dubbed “Chamber Pop”.

The day will come 


DRO002                                         2013-04-01

It is well-known that instrumental music has no lyrics because it emphasises emotions which cannot be expressed in words: like tone poetry. Then how can this be described in words?  

The development of The City Substrings has a long history: a journey of discovery through musical landscapes, from chamber music and symphonies, to rock, electronic dance music and other regions of the pop cosmos. At some point I noticed that the violin as a thread running through my personal music history was not granted a presence anywhere in pop music as I had thought. I mean ‘pop music’ in a broad sense here: the ‘song’ is always the central element and then meets the ‘classical’ elements such as polyphony, variations and development. So I began to compose songs for string instruments, guitar and bass and recorded them solo, track by track. Anna led the entire production; that is revising the pieces and mixing. She also wrote the piano arrangements for the duet versions of the pieces. The music moves between chamber music and pop, we call it chamber pop, songs without words, voyages into a haven.    Tobias Hett



» It’s not folk, not pop, not jazz and not classical – it’s a bit of everything! The music of the Berlin project "The City Substrings" comes from those unimaginable domains, where multifaceted musicians with clear minds simply create something beautiful.  Little chamber music songs, without text, without cross-over pomp. Self-sufficient melodies which appear and disappear.«  

NDR Kultur Neo




DRO001                              2012-10-01

two pieces for string instruments and guitar

two pieces for violin and piano